he consolidated agreements of the four mentioned companies have lead to the TCM project (Terra Cielo Mare, i.e. Land Sky Sea).

This new platform of partner companies can count on a group composed of around five hundred collaborators and a thirty-year-long experience in the field.

The main seats are in Italy and Brazil and India out of Europe.

Thanks to our technicians’ experience and skills we provide a 360° service relatively to the four macro functional areas (automotive, railway, aerospace and naval).


y sharing technical competences and giving value to our four companies’ professional performances, the advantage of TCM is the complete overview of the project and the product.

TCM is able to start from the concept and styling phases to then move on to the relative macro-feasibility studies and complete the whole project.

TCM provides a complete virtual analysis service and systems integration development through virtual and physical layout studies.

The activities feature a particular sensitivity to cost rationalization and constant quality improvement.