tep’s platform’s competences cover the development of the whole vehicle within the engineering and
designing areas, relatively to the following functional areas:

  • Body body, moving parts and  external trims
  • Interiors Interiors dashboard,  interior trim and seats
  • Chassis suspensions and  braking system
  • Engine System cooling system and  power supply
  • Vehicle Integration bodywork and mechanics packaging
  • Powertrain gearshifts and clutch


he knowledge of the whole vehicle’s designing cycle allows Step to operate efficiently on both the single component and the macro systems.

Step’s most significant experiences regard the development of the most important activities relatively to underbody, external trims, mobile parts, internal trims, dashboard modules, seats, powertrain and packaging.

Over the years, Step has implemented and consolidated a wide host of specialistic SW and HW in order to achieve the required results for its Clients.



tep offers a variety of complimentary services.

Construction of physical prototypes: any type of prototype relatively to body and/or trims, following specific needs.

1:1 scale prototypes also with traveling functionalities.

Assembly of engine physical layouts: we realize engine physical layouts on receiving body sections as an input.

In-plant assistance at startup of production: swe are able to follow model production launches inside the Client’s production plant.

Cost reduction activities: by employing a team of dedicated specialists, we analyze the product supplied by the Client and propose re-engineering solutions aimed at the component’s cost reduction without decreasing the qualitative level required by compliance standards.

Assistance to models in operation: ours is a consolidated experience in managing operating models by collaborating with the Client to identify quality improvements and solve critical issues highlighted by the Client network.



s a completion to its designing activities, Step provides its prototyping service by building in-scale physical models and prototypes. Being the first element of the production series, the prototype may be as follows:

  • Conceptual
  • Functional
  • Technical
  • Pre-series


he prototype,  as the first example of a  project, can be built in

In this way our Client may perform trial tests, modifications and improvements, up to the realization of the final prototype.

Step offers an array of services that may be summed up as follows: