tep is an engineering firm specialized in the automotive sector..

Founded in 1992, Step’s headquarters is in now in Turin, the heart of Italian automobile. In 2004, Step Sud – seated in Pomigliano (province of Naples)
was founded and in 2009 Step invested in Latin America and opened Step do Brasil at Contagem (Brazil). Step’s next objectives are the Turkish and Indian markets..

Stepwas born off the initiative of a group of technicians, specialized in designing plastic components; as a result of a relevant corporate development it can now rely on considerable experience and know-how so as to cover the designing activities’ development of a whole vehicle, from the initial concept to the assistance during production startup.

Step has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997, and has oriented its strategic choices towards an ever more advanced technological content, creating solutions and providing services that meet the needs of important Clients, amongst which are nationally and internationally renown companies..

Step has based its 20-year-long objective achievement process on constant growth, relatively to the
quality of the provided services, the fulfilling of specific needs and the level of competiveness.

The Turin headquarters,, built on 2000sqm, is dedicated to the project development for our Clients and features protected and reserved functional areas.


This is where training courses for our personnel are organized through Step Academy.

A disassembly analyses laboratory for competitor examination and aimed at cost reduction, installation of physical engine layouts and component analysis aimed at quality improvement, is located near Turin.

In order to ensure procedure optimization and quality, Step has developed an operating and management system able to constantly monitor its internal processes and their efficiency.

Step is able to operate autonomously and with certified procedures within all the product development
activities, ranging from reliefs and definition smoothing of primary surfaces to feasibility; from closed-mathematics style studies to single components and overall drawings.




Besides, Step carries out plastic and metal molding analysis and structural calculus of traditional or rapid prototyping.

Innovation is an important item in Step’s activities as it ensures its Clients consistent results with the immediate and future market’s expectations, and in any given context.



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